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SAMD - Recruitment Form

on Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:53 pm

I. Personnal Information

I, 1.1 First Name:
I, 1.2 Last Name:
I, 1.3 Age:
I, 1.4 Date of Birth:
I, 1.5 Country of Origin:
I, 1.6 Height:
I, 1.7 Weight:
I, 1.8 Ethnicity: African American/Caucasian/Hispanic/Middle Eastern/Asian/Other
I, 1.9 Home Anddres:
I, 1.10 Contact Number(s):

I, 2.1 Been convicted of a misdemeanour charge? If so, specify:
I, 2.2 Used any illegal drugs within the last two years? If so, specify which drug:

II. Licenses Information

II, 1.1 Do you have driving licenses holder?
II, 1.2 Do you have Flying License holder?
II, 1.3 Do you have Boating license holder?

II, 1.4 Have you previously been penalized ticketed vehicle?
II, 1.5 Do you ever get a raid SAMD?
II, 1,6 Do you ever licenses confiscated by the SAMD?

III. Question Detail

III, 1.1 Do you already have a crime record before?
III, 1.2 Have you ever been imprisoned by the SAPD? If yes why?
III, 1.3 Do you have some fear about something? if yes, tell me what is that?
III, 1.4 What's the reason of your denial from the previous application?
III, 1.5 Have you ever submitted an application to SAMD? If yes, when?
III, 1.6 Why would you like to be a part of the San Andreas Medic & Fire Departement?(200 words)
III, 1.7 Why should we accept you in the SAMD?(150 words)
III, 1.8 Have you ever submitted an application to any other governmental agency within San Andreas?:

IV. OOC Question

IV, 1.1 Name:
IV, 1.2 Age:
IV, 1.3 Gender:
IV, 1.4 Date of birth:
IV, 1.5 Location house:

IV, 1.6 Do you have a device applications Whatsapp on your mobile phone?
IV, 1.7 How long you have been played in StanfieldGamers Roleplay?
IV, 1.8 Do have another character?
IV, 1.9 Do you ever join a faction other than SAMD?
IV. 2.1 Why do you want to go into this faction?(150 words)
IV. 2.2 Do you have Teamspeak already installed on your computer?
IV. 2.3 Do you have a fully working on the TeamSpeak microphone?

V. Statements Information

   Approval of the YOUR NAME
   1. When I received I will attempt to not foul, if I did I would be willing to be issued with unnatural in SAMD
   2. I will accept any risk if I can not do anything
   3. When I copy and paste my content with BANNED from SAMD
   4. ((If I did I would be willing to break rules excluded from this faction))
   5. ((If I have not been active for three days after I had accepted I would willingly at BANNED from faction SASD))
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